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Useful Links

ENVENGEO Pty Ltd trading as Wet Boat Hire

Partner company, provides commercial vessels with coxswain to a variety of industries, including scientific consulting and research, diving industries.

Department of Environment and Science - Contaminated Land

Provides a solid starting point for site owners or principal contractors to understand their general environmental duty, duty to notify and where and how to search the Environmental Management Register (EMR) and Contaminated Land Register (CLR).

Department of Environment and Science - Contaminated Land

Austlii is an excellent resource for legislation, updated daily and much easier to navigate than government sources. This link relates to the Environment Protection Act, which underpins much of what ENVENGEO and environmental consultants generally do.

Willy Weather or 

Click in for detailed weather information anywhere in Australia, starting here in Brisbane. Often overlooked by site owners but critical for environmental consultants, storm systems can overload sediment ponds, create back pressure on and cause flooding of stormwater and sewer systems, leading to reduced water quality and potential exposure to contaminants and pathogens.

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