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Our expert team has the experience to meet your environmental consulting needs where they relate to planning, construction, development, management and legal frameworks.


ENVENGEO provides environmental advice to a variety of private and public sector clients within the following specialty service areas:

Site Assessments

Remediation and Validation

Environmental Due Diligence 

Environmental Health and Safety Audits

Salinity assessments;

Environmental Planning

Erosion and Sediment Control


Fauna Spotter Catcher


We offer the following services within each specialty service area: 

Site Assessments

Our site assessment and remediation services include:

  • Preliminary site investigations (PSls) and

  • Detailed site investigations (DSls) to evaluate the contamination of the land; 

  • Groundwater and surface water investigations, including 2D and 3D modelling;

  • Soil vapour and landfill gas investigations, modelling and soil vapour risk assessment;

  • Human health and ecological risk assessment;

  • Per- and Poly-Fluroalkyl Substances (PFAS) soil, groundwater, surface water and biota assessments;

  • Acid sulfate soil assessments and salinity assessments;

  • Underground petroleum storage system investigations;

  • Waste categorisation; and

  • Third party reviews and regulatory advice in relation to contaminated land issues.

Remediation and Validation
ENVENGEO Environmental Consultants have extensive experience with the remediation of soil, groundwater and soil gas, from the design and implementation of complex and novel remedial technologies, to small scale remedial programs. We work in partnership with our clients to develop innovative remedial solutions within time and space constraints and within budget. 
We apply our expertise in remediation to a wide range of projects including: 

  • Spills and contamination hot spot removal;

  • Underground petroleum storage systems; 

  • On-site treatment of complex contaminants;

  • In-situ solutions - where the contaminated soil or groundwater is treated or contained without excavation

  • Design and implementation of soil gas mitigation strategies including ventilation and capping systems. 


ENVENGEO scientists also have extensive experience with the application and development of environmental management strategies to minimise the need for remediation. 



  • Targeted species fishing,

  • ADAS accredited diving,

  • Plankton tows

  • eDNA (environmental DNA) and more.

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